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Friday, April 28, 2006


Im SO inlove!

Jukka is sucha sweet person. He said that when he cuts his hair, he'll send it to me so I can put it on my wall >w< Go on say its stupid, but I love his hair. Im a hairaddict.
More good news. My good friend Jesse, yes, Jesse is a guy, is moving in our neighbour. Hes gonna go to the same school with me too. Thats just awesome! His so nice, and fun. Well, his a bit depressed right now, but thats cuz of his family.
Now Im also getting along with Matti, Aleksi, Samuli and Ilkka. Their all so much fun <3 Specially Samuli is really cool. He always wants to be pairs with me if his real pair in cookering is sick or something. And his always nice to everyone, unlike the others.

Well anyway we had a play with our dramaclass today. It went quite well. We did some mistakes, yes, but everyone was just laughing at them. I even got 3 new friends from the class, which is awesome. And I had to guide Matti to watch the play. Duh. That dummy couldnt find the place himself. Oh well.

Well now, Im going. My bro is finally moving, and I gotta help him with packing the stuff. ttyl, loves.

If someone wants to talk, either PM me at HebiSakura at Gaia OR send me e-mail at Asakurazaki@hotmail.com cuz Im not gonna check my PMs at MyO cuz their fucked up, badly.

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