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Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've met the most sweetest guy

Jukka, from Kemi. He is SO sweet. So polite and fun and all. I hanged out with them yesterday at our restaurant, for 5 hours! I've never met anyone like him, its like we completely agree bout everything. And he was cute too. And his hair was soft. Yes, I got to touch it xD Lol
Anyway, I think he likes me too. I also got his phone number. Hes a basist in a band called Tomorrow's Dream. He invited me to watch them next summer. Im going to fight my way to watch them, hell yes!

He and his friend tried to get me to sing, but I wouldnt go. Lol. Tho they singed to me. It was really awesome. We hanged out together, and in the end Jesse joined us too. I was the only gal, but that was completely ok.

Whenever Im going to Kemi, Im going to see him too. His just something special.

Anywaaay, Im going to go now. I need some sleep. Only slept for 5 hours last night...
ttyl, all.

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