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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

GAWD Im tired of all this relationship-love-friendship mess. I hardly even know whos a friend and whos a foe.
Cedrics still shocked. He found out his bf is 6 years older than him even tho he was supposed to be 2 year younger... Woah. I wouldve been shocked too. Now his happily with Mimi, cursing his ex... v_v
So, I'll be spending my holiday all alone. Lees back so I can hang put with him too. Well, if Marko is not around I'll be all alone. Tony got in big trouble again so he wont.
Well, anywho, my taxi is here. I'll see you all. I think Im gonna be online at saturday, but I WONT stay up till 4am so if ya wanna see me, be online a lil earlier, please.


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