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Friday, March 31, 2006

Well well
So, Im leaving early tomorrow morning to Oulu, which means I wont be online. Sorry Eric, guys. Im gonna spend some time with Ceddy and the guys, plus Marko and Tony are gonna have some ceremony to celebrate their engagement. Good luck for them.

Anyway, we found out that Markos been cutting himself. At Wednesday, he really got depressed, went outside and cutted his hands so badly he almost fainted, cuz he losed so much blood. See, peoples? This is how much you can effect on someones lifes.
Anyway, my arch enemy, Robert, has moved. And, I've forgiven him for giving me sucha hell. Because his been cutting too. He showed his cuts. Now I understand why his been mean to me, and Im done with it now.

Anywho, Marko is better now. Tony is taking good care of him, and, they said their gonna adopt a kid. God, Im gonna be an aunt... Again.

Well well, Im gonna go pack. I'll be back at monday, or tuesday, so, I'll see you then.

Eric, again, Im sorry.

ttyl, wish me luck. Love yas, Eric.

And Im SO sorry for not getting in your guys sites! I will when I got more time, I promise.

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