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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thats it
Jules was just right. MyO IS full of jerks these days.
Well, just so its clear to you all

Im a lesbian and if you think its ok just cuz you think two girls kissing are hot - Screw you. When it comes to two guys you'll probably be throwing up.
Second, Darsha, C'mon. If Im addicted to PC what are you then? FF addict!? Seems like Im not the only one having no-life here.
Im sorry but Im pissed to death in the min. Deal with it.

Anywaaaay Im gonna go continue my arts class. And Marko, if ya read this, I have a cookie for you. I hope it'll make you feel better soon.

Also wish luck to Ceddy. His gonna be operated soon.

Now, ttyl.

And I'll be at Jules for the whole weekend as its her birthday at sunday. So dont wonder where I am.

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