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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh my! This cant be!
Yay for me.

Yesterday was sucky and fun.
I went to shopping with my very best friend July. We had fun, I bough Ghost Hunt and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist vol ones. Fun.
Also had to buy Markos kidsis Witch magazine. I just found out he has one... -.- Shes a real pain in the ass, I tell ya.
Anywaaaay Dad had some friggen meeting yesterday till 11pm. Yes, 11pm, and when the city is aboute 46miles away from my home, It was lil past 12 when I finally got home... Oh well. I didnt miss anything. Sheril werent online and stuff. Besides, I had time to read Les Bijoux while I sat in the car.
Anyway, Im gonna go make some coffee for me and my mom. We're finally getting along. Well, not for long, if she ever finds out Im a lesbian, Im dead meat.... I mean that, look at what happened to Tony when he told her his gay....
Well, yah. Have a nice day.

btw, I dyed my hair black, again! God, I love my hair like this. Black black black...

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