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Saturday, March 4, 2006

No, not any of you guys.
I checked Gaia today. I gave a sword to a dude. It was his birthday so yea.... I call him Naruto-kun cuz he really is like a copy of Naruto, and loves Ramen more than anything... lol
Now he gives me PINK panties, and calls me 'baby'....

I HATE HIM. First of all, PINK IS MY ENEMY! I hate pink more than Robert, and I tell you, thats HELL ALOT.

Second, I friggen am NOT his baby! He knows I got a boyfriend so why the FUCK does he do this to me!?
Oh well. I'll just keep goin with him, I can always sell the things he gives me, no? Thats what Timo does, his gay but he keeps making out with a girl cuz she donates him all the time. Life is cruel, get over it...
Besides, that kid is 13. C'MON!
Anywaaaay Im gonna go and chase after my Sensei.
O yea, my bro is coming todaynight, so I might be online. So, I'll see you all around laterz.
Marko sent hugs to all v.v


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