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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Yeeeah.... Eric dumbed me. Yeah, again. He doesent have interent at his dads anymore so we cant keep on dating.
No, darlings, dont worry, Im not sad.
No, for first time in five years Im this goddamn....


Now I can hug Matti without feeling any kinda guilt ^~ Mwahahahaha...
Besides, Im having a lil crush on my old friend....
You know what I realized, people? I hated guys because of Eric, I was angry and sad because of Eric, and now, when his gone... Ive never been happier! I even wanna hug Matti instead of hitting! ^^
*does a happy dance* Here I come, guys and girls!! Im FREE again!


Ehhm. Im going now, again. My choco misses me, and I wanna hug Marko-kun ^^


Oh yeah, Eric. If ya happen to read this.... For these few weeks we were together, I both loved you and hated you. But, love turned into hate. I couldnt forgive you for lying and cheating on me.
Have a nice life with the ugly bitch Dani.

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