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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Good
Well yeah

Ive been fighting with dudes, tho I've been wanting to say those things to them for forever, so yeah.
Cedrics not doing well with his bf. He hasnt seen him in 2 days and it really seems like his bf doesent even care bout him. Oh, how fun. Come, take, use my friends. Tho he has a date for valentine, its some random dude that seems to be inlove with him tho he said 'its only gonna be some fun, nothing searious' when they first met. Well he blushes hell alot around Cedric then, d'oh.
Yeah well, poor Marko-kun is sick. Aww. He was so nice to me, he took care of me when I was sick and now HIS sick... Poor him. If I didnt have school I would treat him too.
Well yeah. Im gonna go as my taxi is here pretty soon.

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