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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Waaah... @___@
Okay so I had a meeting today. I have 3 before my confession school (dont ask) so yeah.
It was pretty fun. There were twins from Iran that wrote my name with their alphabets, plus 'I love you' in their language. Yeah. Pretty cool.
Yes well I got two new friends alike. Sandra, which is gonna change her school so I wont see her again, And Elias. His cool. First Sandra and I were together, but then we had to make a group that had 3 or 4 persons in it, so, we took Elias as the third one as he was alone too.
Yes well I asked for their both cellphone numbers. Sandra gave me hers, and I tol Elias "Hey, gimme your number as your the only one from the group I know" He looked at me and said "Yeah but I dont know you" I told him "No, you do. We're talking, we count it as knowing!" Lol...
I got their both numbers now. Next meeting is 22.02 which is wednesday. Of c'mon how do they think I manage to get there and back home, huh....
Well yeah thats all for today. Elias is cute and cool (Lol I love his hair x___x Its tall) and Sandra is awesome too.
Oh, July, you remember the guy I yelled at? The "You fucking faq" thing? He was there too XDD I couldve died
Well yeah, ttyl

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