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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Woooo v_v

Ok now. Yesterday at drama class.
We had to act some thingy our teacher gave to us. I was with Tiina, which happens to be with me in Arts Special class too. Well, she was the daughter, I was the mother (T____T)
Well yea first everyone had to do it in front of the whole class. Ok, cool. Then we had to do it only in front of our teacher. (the teacher is also my national languages teacher too O_o Hippy)
Well, we sitted around for a while, then he told me and some random girl come to the room where we had to act the whole thing. I did it with the gal. Then, he asked someone other there, again. I acted it again
I did it for 4 times. Damn.

Well, on our National languages class (which is right after drama class) I asked why did I have to do it for 4 times. He said "Im trying to get some good actors".
T_T Im gonna die. I hate acting. Besides it would be in front ofour school, and I totally aint gonna act when all my guy friends are watching. AND Juho and Arttu.

Thats all. Its half past 8am and my taxi should be here soon.
And I only have 3 hours of school today v.v Yays

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