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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Long Live Lee-san....

I saw a wierd dream.

I was Sakura, and these wierd Ninja alike guys came to me and told me they wanna fight Kakashi and Gai. Well, I started thinking, and I thought I wanna give them a warning. I lead the Ninjas in wrong way telling 'Yea, their here'. Then I suddenly ran in the other way and told them 'No, their actually here'.
I ran to the house and told Gai-sensei and Kakashi-sensei that some Ninjas wanted to fight them. They said its ok and that I should lead them there. Well, I did.
While they were inside, Me, as Sakura, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Chouji and Shino were sitting outside. Have no idea where the others were, it was my dream, like I'd know....
Well anyway, I dont excactly remember what happened, but I remember we got in a fight, which we won anyway, and I remember Lee got a scar and I shout 'Lee-sensei'.
Why 'sensei' why not 'san'!?
Well yea, suddenly my ex boyfriend Juho appears with his friends. Lee and he started fighting. First it was just pushing and mocking, but then it got into a real fight. Beating, kicking, and so on. Well I cutted it out.
Well, anyways we were taking a break and I was watching that Juho didnt harras poor Lee-san again. Lee layed himself down, and I put my head on his tummy. And he started smoothing my hair @____@
Then the dream ended. I got a textmessage from my friend Nadja, and it was only 7:34am. T___T Damn her. I was just having a good dream bout Lee-sensei and then she wakes me up.... Grr.
Well yea I also remember that Kakshi and Gai beated those guys, and I yelled 'Yes!! Go Kakashi- and Gai-sensei!!'
Ok well. Thats all for today.

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