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Friday, January 6, 2006

First of all Slippy, I DO bother because all my friends live 46 friggin Miles away!

Second, JD, who said I liked watching them? We really had nothing else.

Now when thats said....
All elecricity were gone last night, AGAIN. For 4 hours. I just drawed as I had nothing else to do. Well anyways, Im gonna be at home today and tomorrow nights which means I got the PC only for me. CEPT, today, clock 10:30PM, Im gonna watch a movie from TV and talk with my friend in telephone for the whole time. Friend called Nadja, my ex bestfriend. We did it couple of years ago when the movie last time came from tv.
What movie you ask? Green Mile.
I love that movie.
Yes well, Im gonna go. I wanna listen to... Well, something.
Plus my PC is fucking up. Only MyO, Habbo and SpinChat works. Every other sites keep fucking up.
Well yeah.

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