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Thursday, January 5, 2006


....Here.... Again.....

Well well. July, sorry for not answering to your text messages, my cellphone decided that Ive already spent my 1000 txtmessages. DAMN CONTRACTS!!! CHEATERS!! LIARS!!

*Cough, cough* Me, stressed? Noo.....
Well, all elecricity were gone yesterday, from 10pm to 2am. At 2am we got up (Me, Mikko, Marko, Tony) And watched Digimon. YES I know how childish it is but hey we were hell bored!!!
Well yeah, I got to bed at 3am but couldnt get any sleep. So once again I fell asleep at 7am and woke up at 4pm. Eh....
Yeah well Im gonna go again. I dunno if Im gonna spent today or saturday night at my home so it will mean Im gonna be online more then anyways.

And yea you will see teh manga someday, as soon as I get my lazy as to ink it.... Meow.
Yea. Bye.


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