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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ok, my day was bad and Im sorry aboute screaming to you aboute it. It was just that mom woke me up 3 hours before anyone else was awake by a phone call, I had to get up and do all chores, for excample clean the whole friggin place, so I was pretty pissed.

And the rest of the day wasnt any better.

I gess today is better.
I hope.
Watching Lee-san always comforts me...
And peoples.... Please....
NEVER EVER mention Hinata or Sasuke to me again. Im gonna draw a pic of those two dying.
Hell yes
Gonna make me better
Now, Im gonna go. My sis' are leaving tomorrow and Im gonna spent some time before they do.
Oh, never mention the word 'snob' either.
And all other annoying stuff....
ttyl. Im gonna be online tonight cuz we're gonna be home.

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