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Thursday, December 22, 2005

God I hated the damn Christmas thingy

Oh goddamnit you cant belive how hard its to wear one T_T Meooow....

Well anyways, I gave the damn gifts to everyone. The hardest one was Ile. Either he left too quick or I didnt see him! In the end of day, I was waiting for my taxi, and I saw Jonne and Ilkka walking down together. Nina said something so I turned to her, and when I turned back Ile had started walking away. So I screamed as loud as I could "ILKKA!!! Goddamnit your not going anywhere yet!!" >_< Im an idiot. So I gave the gift to him. Lol.
Later he sent me a text message and told me to call him. It said "Call me when you can talk, I have to say something ;-)"
I got hell scared. Luckily, I started the PC before I called, and he just told me "Thank you. Really" Lol. Of, Ile. He also said he wouldve got me something but teachers watched him at school and he had no chance yesterday.
But, the oh so sweet smile Ile had in his face when I gave the gift to him was enough to thank me. *nod* To see a lil one smiling. No, really, his just become really good friend. At times no-one seems to be at my side he always is and I appreciate that.

Welly well, Im gonna try to be online all night if my kidsis will let me. She better do, cuz Im gonna have a chat wif Eric. *nod*

Well then, see ya!

Oh hey, I added new art. Go check. Meow.

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