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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not much to tell aboute.
Today when I got up, I knew today was gonna suck. I felt dizzy and almost threw up. Luckily, I didnt T_T Because if I had, it would be a sucky thing, because I went to school anyway.
Well I wouldve spent some time with July, BUT, my bitchy parents wouldnt get her like they promised.
Well, I hanged out with Marko for a while. He was getting July a present, and started sobbing when he couldnt find anything T_T Poor him.
I found hes something. A frog. And when you push it, its says "Sqweeek". Its so fun ^___^
Well, I got some manga too.
Im lazy now so Im gonna go. if you havent checked my new art , do it now, and you may also check the original versions from my DevArt page (link at my yesterdays post)
Well now, ttyl. This ones gonna go to sleep.

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