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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its bout three days till my sis is here, plus till its my birthday.
Well now, I submitted few art pieces. Yep. But, I had to edit thme a lil, so, Im gonna give a link to my DevArt site, so go watch them if ya like

My Deviant Art gallery

Plus I got Merry Christmas pic for you. I just dont wanna edit it cuz it would be way too sucky after.
Theres some shonen ai too. I love gays....
Merry Christmas!

There. Hope the link works.
Well now, Im goin. I got things to do. ttyl, peoples.
And Zappa, A7S and all, Im gunne get yer works up later. I got them ready, just hold on and be nice....
O, Slippy. As I finished it....
Say "I gay you" and I will put it up. In case you dont wanna see it ofcourse, then dont.
well, ttyl

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