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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, Im making noodles while writing this so Im not gonna make this one long.
And the noodles are for Marko, Mikko and Tony.

Well, anyways, if ya havent visited Amyna-san and MimiGuy yet, go. Run. Be free.

Well nothing much happened. Im tired, Im pissed, I wanna be alone and I dont wanna hear aboute certain persons, but still, everyone keeps talking aboute them all the time.

For excample Juho. Today that girl, whatever her name is, asked "Do you know Juho Salmela" "Well yeah, I dated him, unfortunetely" "I knew it!"
And every time he walks by, everyone starts the shit lik "Hey, your ex walks there" Like I wouldnt notice!!
Plus theres more but Im gonna go check the noodles now.


And Slippy...

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