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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Love aint dead after all....
Ya soshla s uma....

"Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzhna ona, mne nuzhna ona"

Ya shosla s uma by t.a.t.u

Thats been ringin at my head the whole morning and whole last night. I chatted with Eric, and now I really know whats been going on, and gotta say, Danielle truly can play a bitch. Really, shes been lying to me so hell much. I almost even belived her, but I always wanna see by myself first before I belive anything.... And now I know. Eric is cool and I love him *nod* Finally my thoughts are clear....
Like when Danielle said "I just thought you should know the truth aboute Eric" And I said "I know What Eric is". She didnt get that I didnt even belive Eric would do something horrible like that.... Yea well he cheated on me, but thats forgiven and forgotten. Its happened before, Im good at getting over things, I dont really care anymore. Im happy, peoples, happy! *nod*
Well, I went to my doctor todaymorning, and he said that Im doing greate. Its only 30-50% that I would die, and thats good. GOOOD. But he also said I should be careful... Oh well. Ofcourse. I already started couching blood, as Slippy already knew, but he said it was somekinda lil cut, and that I really am lucky. Well ofcourse. I realized that when you really belive in something, like yer 100% sure, it will happen. Its true. Try it.
Well, peoples!! Christmas is coming closer and closer, and, its time for reguests! Sooo, gimme and inspiration, what do ya want me to draw? Im gonna do something Naruto related to Eric, something from my manga to July, Melfina to Slippy, and just some random shonen ai. Yep.
So, if youd like me to draw something for you, go on and ask, but do it quick cuz I first gotta draw it, get it to July, THEN YOU PEOPLES MUST HARRAS HER SO SHE WILL SCAN THEM AND SENT THEM TO ME, Then I also must get them back. Yep.
Weeell.... Im gonna go.
And hey, everyone, as you know Erics bd was last Friday. Be nice and go say 'Happy Birthday' to him, will ya? Good.
Nina - Im looking forward to Christmas. Really.
Now.... Hasta la vista, näkemisiin, see ya later.

Plus last night, I got my trust in Eric back.... amusing.
Its possible to cry from happiness after all....


My classmate Heidi joined MyO. She and Sara are the most nicest peoples to me, if we dont count on July, so I will kill every each of you if you dont visit her!! Even you, Eric, Slippy, Alex, everyone =__= You have been warned.
Her name is Amyna-san, just check her from mah friendslist. Thanks you.
And visit MimiGuy too. Hes.... Well... One of my gay friends.... Lol. -_-
Im surprised if he doesent harras you first, tho....

Eye wuvs uu Eric....
I wont be online today cuz mom denys and stuff.... But at least I get to draw, huh....
Je t'aime....

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