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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A gun
I NEED the fucking gun. First, she says gays are sick just like handicaps and we gotta accep them.
I HATE MY MOTHER MORE THAN ANYTHING. Cept for my father, maybe.
Well, I was at home yesterday, and I was at the PC for most of the time, waiting for Eric, Slippy, Cedric, all kinda fun peoples to be online. Well, ofcourse, none of them made it, and dad made me go sleep at 3am.
Todaymorning, I called mom and asked her if I could be home today, too. She started bitching me that I can and I will be scared at night anyways and stuff. What am I, some goddamn 5 years old!?
Well, in the end, she promised that I could stay home, but theyd get me around 5pm. Then, dad calls mom and starts bitching that I cant because OH SO GREAT Mr doesent want to.
Well, mom called me and told me. I started crying at the phone and asked "Why the fuck do you hate me!?" She just answered "Ofcourse we do love you, but come here now and -"
And I hung up. Now Im here, at the PC, and I havent talked to anyone in an hour. I hate them so much. Now their talking "If my parents were gays I would be ashamed"
But, you know what?
I know where the black biblia and gun are, uh-huh, so, today night will be HELL interesting. Im tired of this shit their giving to me, and arguing aint the only part. If they love me - this is a wierd way to show it.
Now, ttyl.

Im gonna go to my granpas and get the balck biblia. Only thing I need then is Cedric. He can read Latin, he told me.

Have a nice day, better than I had, and I promise I will be online today, cuz Im gonna do the same thing I did last Christmas, few days before my sis came to our place; Im just gonna hang in the internet for 7 hours. No big deal. The bill will be huge, but oh well, they deserve to suffer.

Oh, a lil thing. My bg is now a village from BOF IV, so, Im gonna change it soon. I just have a rpob. I dunno if I should put Dragonlord Teepo, Dragongod Fou Lu, or thief - A weretiger - Rei as my bg.
So just vote for it if you have an opinion.

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