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Friday, December 9, 2005

Well well.
It seems like Eric and Dani broke up, and we might be going back together, but, its only a maybe because I made a promise to myself to never trust guys again.

Well now, my days bee ok. July werent at school, but Im alive. Plus, my health classes teacher was sick, so, our principal replaced him -.- I once have been at his office, god I so pray he didnt recognize me....
Well, the funniest thing is, he was 20 minutes late. I dont mind tho, I watched Arttu for the whole time. ^_^ Lol.
HEEEY!!! I got a pic of the guy that has a crush on me ^_~ He didnt even notice when I took it. Im gonna put it up later. Yep.

Hey, and important thingy: Its Erics bd today....

Ok well. Its a bye bye. Im gonna be here today or tomorrow for all night, its not sure yet, but I'll modify my post later. Now, Im gonna go to my oh so dear gayfriend Marko and hug him! ^__^ Dont ask why Im in a hyper mood -.- Yep. Well, ttyl for now. Take care!
And If I got time Im gonna put that Dragongod Fou Lu pic as my wallpaper soon *nod*


And I say - Have a nice day!

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