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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Im here....
Yep, Im here, but just to tell you something. Its not aboute you. Its aboute you, Eric, my family, Tony, Marko, July, its aboute everyone that I wont post. Im just sick and tired of it, Im just too tired to bother. Well, Im just posting and letting you know I will be here all saturday OR friday night, which means, that drag yerself at AIM or msn or MyO so I can talk wif you. Fine? Fine. Now. "I am running from something that I don't know I am searching for something, which way to go I am trying to separate what's real I'm running in a wheel From green to red our days pass by Waiting for a sign to tell us why Are we dancing all alone Collect some stars to shine for you And start today cause there's only a few A sign of times my friend Avoid infinity Are you for real" Trigger - In Flames They ask Are We Dancing All Alone.... Yes, my friend. We are. All alone. Forever. ttyl.
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