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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I changed my sites look a bit
Now, the background is Rei from Breath Of Fire. Hes soooo smexy I had to put that pic up. Mwehehehe..... Our lovely lil thief. Me and my sister both love him. And Fou Lu too! After Christmas I just might put Fou Lu as my bg. Looking froward to it.
Now, now. Peoples, it seems like hardly no-one is visiting my site anymore so Im just gonna stop posting for a while. Anyway check my new pics the newest one is awesome. Viva La Boom! I got link in my profile.
Well, Im going. Im gonna put some pics of Rei on my wall, plus I gotta do homeworks and Im gonna play something.

And I'll be here at least for my birthday. Yep.
And hey - give the bg some time to load

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