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Monday, December 5, 2005

Yep. For a year Ive posted every day, but yesterday I didnt. The reason is I didnt feel like coming near Otaku, and it doesent look like anyone actually missed me anyways.
Well nothing new. Marko and Tony are still fighting. And yesterday night I talked at phone with my sister for 3 hours. From 10pm to 1am. It was fun. Marko sat next to me the whole time, he just didnt say a word. Just listened.
Well. Im going. I dont really got nothing to do but Im not gonna waste my day on MyO either. Cya.


From green to red our days pass by
Waiting for a sign to tell us why
Are we dancing all alone

Collect some stars to shine for you
And start today cause there's only a few
A sign of times my friend

Avoid infinity
Are you for real

Just scratch the surface
And you will find
Something to blame for a long lost time


Trigger by In Flames

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