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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Lol. Im at Julys in the moment. Its been fun ^.^

Matti and I had Arts Special together. Mweh. It was cool. We made modern trash can....

Ok well now some bakas think I and Ilkka are dating O___o NO WAY!! Ile never talks, even Matti was better.... Besides Matti is way more cooler -.-

Lol..... I cant belive I just said that

You know guys can sound patethic by times. Today, when Matti gave me back the One Piece I had borrowed to him, he said "Please forgive me, I wouldve give it back to you yesterday but I forgot"
God. He sounded sooo patethic.... And kinda cute o_O I didnt say that. I WONT CONFESS!!!
Lol. Okies well Ima going. See ya tomorrow, peeps.... Have a .... Nice day =_=

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