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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My manga ^~

I finally got my very first manga ready. FINALLY!! lol mom was proving it. Goddamnit, 117 pages peoples!! Im so good. So so good.
Lol. I already started the second book for it. Hehe. Its gonna be hard but o well I love it so its ok. I love drawing more than anything so its ok.
Heh. I thought love is dead, but its not. Ive found new one. Band called In Flames. oh I love it so so much ^_^ tee hee. The heviest band I ever liked.

Ok well I gotta practise, we’re having two excams today sooo… I see ya laters!!

ttyl and take care everyone

Maybe I should scan and put the manga up someday.....
Maybeh -.-

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