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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   I tired -.-
-.- I stayed up at 2 am and woke up at 1pm. OMG Im so good sleeper. Damnit.

Yesterday was FUN!!! A guy from Julys class, Matti, joined us when we were out with Ile ^_^ And, Matti hugged me TWO TIMES. OMG first time that anyone does it by their own will O_o Omg. Thats.... Shocking. Ile said that I gotta calm down or he will be jealous x_x Lol.... I love those guys. Im so going to Julys place next weekend too. Hell yeah. If it was that fun, it will be crazy next weekend. Oh waite noooo! Im gonna have IT tomorrow first classes in the morning, with Matti T_T OMG Im gonna die. Well, I know that his not brave enough to hug me at school. If he is.... Im dead. Omg. Im scared.

Okay well Im gonna go, I just ate fish, and my fish allergy starts to react. Uh. Well. See ya!

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