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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ile-kun doesent hate us!! ^___^ Last night we did all kinda fun, we went to our school first, when it was 6pm, and things. We tried to find Iles house, but we failed so I textmessaged him. Well, in the end, he came with us!! ^___^ Mwaaaaaa hes cute!!!!

Lol. Im craaa~zy. Gah.

Okies well it was fun. Besides, he came just for the two of us ^~ Yayness! We went to Siwa and bought Battery. Yea, Siwa is a store. Lol. I was so drunk of caffine and I wonder why Ile didnt escape.... He had opportunity but he didnt O_o Wow.

Lol well my dads gonna get me around 5pm, plus Im gonna be online all the night after that (Mom gave me a premission to stay home wif the PC) so, anyway, Im gonna meet Ile again before I go ^^ Meow. THIS IS THE OH-SO-MIGHTY FLIRT JO!!!

Lol. Yea well Im going now. Got things to do. -.- See ya all laterzz!!

O, Eric, if yer online todaynight sent me a PM and we could chat at Spinchat. Its gonna be hell boring all alone.
Lol. Anyoneeee..... Add me at msn or AIM

There. Add meeeh....

Okay well Im going now. Seariously. I AM! Lol. Well have a nice daaay....

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