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Friday, November 25, 2005

Im at Julys.... And its been hyper O__o Chocolate is... EVIL.
Lol. Too mush caffine and chocolate.... >< Mreeeeeeew. Lol.
Hmm hmm hmm. Gotta make up something fun to do. I already drawed sing of hatred and a pentagram on my jeans with a white chalk. -.- Lol. Hope mom wont notice. Im dead if she does....

Okay so we spent 14.40 € (1€=1,3 dollars) for all kinda snacks. Chips, muffins, chocolate, candies and stuff ^^ Meooow. Its gonna be fun! Besides if we're going to city today, its gonna be.... WILD. >< I'll just shut up.

If theres alot of guys Im gonna do flirting ^____^ Mwaaahahahahaha I just LOVE being a single!!!
Lol. Seeee? This is what chocolate does to me.

Well, Im gonna go and harras Fatty. See you all around! And hey Im gonna put pics up when I just get 'em up on ii2.org. Lol yer gonna see my lesb buddies Heli and Saana! ^^ Their not really lesbs we just play eacho's lovers. Lol. Okay well. Have a friiiggin nice day =^___^=

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