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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Do not ask. Lol.

Okay so today was cool. Tiring, but cool. I got all fun peoples phone numbers back and things.

Today, at special arts class, we were supposed to draw a modern trashcan. Omg.... Lol. Well Everyone were ready soon so we just drawed something random after that. Plus, Tiina made a good question for teacher.
T as Tiina and Te as Teacher J as me

T: Hey teacher
Te: Yes?
T: We all got here, in Arts Special, with grades of excellent. How can you give 'good' to some and 'excellent' to some.
Te: Well I just cant
T: But why? It makes no sense!
J: Tiina, your smart!

Lol. Its true we all got there cuz we got 'excellent' from arts. Dammit.

Okays well Im gonna go and eat -_- Me hungry is. Well, see ya all!

May the force be with you ._. Lol.


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