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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This one was at the city and is veeerrrry tired. -.-

So, I, Katja and July went there together. We werent even planning that Katja would come along, but I was waiting for July at McDonalds (Actually outside) and I saw her mum driving her there too, and as she had no company, she came with us, which was cool ^__^

Well, I bought Tokyo Mew Mew, so gifts for christman (early, I know, but I gotta buy them now cuz I never know when Im gonna get to the city again) I bought actually gifts only to my sisters Nina and Miia, but Im gonna buy Julys later when she aint with me ^~ Beware.

Okay well Im gonna go now. Im lil tired and wanna sleep. And eat my chocolate, plus, draw my manga, which has already 87 pages. WOOTNESS!! Lol. And Im going to Julys at friday ^_^ Yay.
Lol well. I see ya around. ttyl!!

Oh, hey, I got a new cellphone! ^_^ Its way prettier than the old one that got stolen, because the new one is black! ^_^ Its so pwettyyyy! =><= Lol.

And we were hunting Tony and Marko btw. They were at the city and I saw them twice, but they ran away whenever they saw us!! DAMN YOU GUYS!!!!
And Slippy, dont get it wrong, she wasnt supposed to come wif me but we were cool and made it so yeah. Lol.

NOW, ttyl.

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