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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Markos bd ^__^
So hiya

It was Markos birthday yesterday! Our convertation (M as Marko J as me T as my bro)

J: Hey Uncle Marko, when’s yer birthday?
M: Its 21 of 11
J: Oh. Its this month then.
M: Yep.
J: Okies.
Lil later….
J: Mom, can I check from your cellphone what day it is today!? (As you know mine was stolen so I couldn’t check it from my own)
Mom: Yes, sure (gives the phone)
J: OMFG! MARKO!! You didn’t say anything your birthday is today!!
M: (laughs) Well I was already wondering when will you notice!
T: Whaaat!? Its today!?
M: Yeah. You didn’t know!? T_T (Cries)
J: You know, you never mentioned yer birthday is today….
M: So!?
T: Don’t cry lil one Im gonna take you to the city tomorrow.
M: (snuggles Tony)
J: …..Now I gotta draw something. Hey yer now offically 19.
M: Yes (grin)

Lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARKOOO!! ^_^ Anyone that hasn’t yet visit him his account is Mr.Ranmaru hes cool and cute. And don’t hurt him tho hes gay. Y.Y
Yes well my break is over. I dunno if I post after school, but Im gonna go now anyway. See ya around!!

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