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Monday, November 21, 2005

...Cedric is down..... Its no good. Im not used to it. His always so happy and things and now.... Hm.

Well. Other ways Im good, tho little tired.... And IT class is boring as always. Hmm.....

Hey btw, visit these two new guys: ChristOfEvil (Real name Christian, really cool guy)
aaand, Mr.Ranmaru (Real name Marko, my bros boyfriend)

Yeppers. Their both fun. ^^

Mwaaa. Feels like my head is exploding. -.- So.... Im gonna go and sleep the five minutes. I wont post later today if nothing special happens....

And, I and Cedric may get back together. Yeppers. But its only maybe. Our dating was a little.... shit back then but it might just work. But I dunno. Maybe, maybe not.

Well, see ya. And Slippyyyy, dont you just forget!!

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