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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ladidi Ladida....
You know, I just realized that this is first time in a YEAR that Im single. Gosh, its been awhile.... Well its fun you know. Besides I and Mimi (Lol. Yeah I mean Mikko) had all kinda fun together ^.~ Mwehehehehehe.... No nothing pervert his still gay you know. Lol. If we did it would mean Im a man, and.... Im pretty sure Im a gal -.-
Well well. Cedrics trying to draw Kadaj. He promised it to some of his friend. Lol. Maybe I should try too, Kadaj is cute after all =^^= Meeeoooow. Lol. I dunno why but I like him more than Sephiroth. Which is scary.
I decided not to cut my hair, for certain reasons. Few of them being, Zappa-kun said I shouldnt, and as I promised him a while back I wont, then I wont. Second is that its gonna be hard to get them grow back if I now cut them. I got excperience. They still aint as long as they were last year when I and my bigsister cutted 'em. Well, hope their gonna grow back.
Oh yeah, that made me think, my bigsisters gonna be here next Christmas! Yay! ^_^ I know I've said this before but it just makes me happy. If their getting in the train at 16th, their gonna be here 17th, which is my birthday ^.^ Meow. Im not gonna have a party, I bet there would be only 2-3 peoples anyways so its no sense, besides I dont like parties. Every birthdayparty I had has been a chaos in the end. So Im giving up from the idea. Im gonna have parties with my two sisters and thatts enough. *nod nod* Besides its saturday so its cool ^^

Yeppers. Well Im going now. Im going to eat something, which means fish -.- Yep. Im still allergic. Im just a masocist. Duh.

Yesh well have a nice day all!

And heeey!!!
Visit ChristOfEvil his new and his cool. Lol.
Well yeah cya

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