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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Moms doing some work and Im sneaking on the PC -.- Im pro.
So I dont got much time here.
Ummm well yesterday was fun. Those gayguys were here. Lol. I had fun with Mikko. M as him and J as me

M:Jojo, I gotta tell you something.... I cant love you
J:WHAT? Are you lesbian!?
J:But I am a man too!!
M:REALLY!? OH, Joey!!
J:Oh, Mimi!!

Lol. We had way too much sugar. I gotta spent more time with them their fun, when their not hugging me or.... grupping.

Mwaaaa. Peoples if I aint flirting wif ya it just means Yer my good friends and dont wanna ruin it so no-ones hurt.... riiight? Lol.

OMG moms coming! C ya! ^^;

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