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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Its nice to have concerned sister by times.....

First of all, my fingers are frozen and pretty dead, because only thing I could eat in these 3 days were salad yesterday at lunch break, and two cookies todaymorning. So Im sorry if theres alot of mistakes in my typing. Gomen nasai.

Well Im sick now. I couldnt even get up from the bed before 12am. Then I dragged myself up, ate those two cookies and got myself into the pc. Before that, me, Marko and Tony we're just reading at my bed. No, I was the only one laying, they were just sitting there next to me. Marko had Gravitation (chicks manga, yeah, but its actually mine plus it has hell alot yaoi in it and Marko is gay soo...) Tony had Ragnarök and I.... I.N.V.U. Some new manga. I only have three vols but it looks okay.

Yeah. I havent said a word of Eric yet. Well this is how it goes: Yes, I cried alot yesterday, and, I thought I would never do so, but I told my mom aboute it. She let me use the pc. No, we didnt clear the thing up between us, but it helped to talk aboute it with someone. Really. Ofcourse, I think aboute him, still. Like when I was reading I.N.V.U some 8th grader said shes a woman already (bullshit, 18 years old is an adult for me, yeah, Im still a kid and happy with it) and it made me thought when Eric said "Oh, not kiddo again. Im 15, Im a man already!" Marko and Tony call him a kiddo. But, it doesent hurt me anymore. If it does, I turn my thoughts in to Takenaga and Daisuke. =^^= Two gays. Dont ask. Okay ask if ya want but I wont promise I answer. July knows. Mrew. Besides, as he said, Im gonna still stay good friends with him. I know its not gonna work but oh well....

Anyways, I talked aboute sister in the beginning of the post.... Nina, or Ninnu, her MyO account is Adylia, called me today at her lunchbreak. She asked how Im doing and things. We didnt talk for long, but words "I hope its nothing searious" and "Be better soon" Made me understand that I still got a life, even without Eric. Hes gonna be sorry from losing me.

Besiiiides.... Every each of you knows Im forever guy stalker. Soo.... When Im free, I can start dating again! ^^


Lol. Yeppers. Im cheery. Now, Im gonna go eat, and if I can eat without throwing up, Im gonna go school tomorrow. If not.... Im gonna go to school anyways. Lol.

Back to TakeDai.... Umm see ya all. Have a nice day! <3

....Whats with the heart....? So unlike me.....
This, my friends, is the new Jojo....

And hey, July. Thanks for your words on Erics site.

J is for Joyous
O is for Openhearted
H is for Hyper
A is for Amazing
N is for Nice
N is for Natural
A is for Arty

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