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Sunday, November 13, 2005

There is still one who loves me.... Thats my dog. He likes to snuggle. Its sweet. My own lil fatty. Lol...
Mrew. Im really damn tired.... I woke up when it was 20 mins to 10, now its 20 past 10 and we're at our restaurant already.... Duh.
I had very interesting project last night. I wrote 'Eric-kun' on my hand. No, its not wierd, or wouldnt be, but I did it with self tanning suntan oil. It was interesting, really. I couldnt see any difference last night, but now its tanned. Lol. Everyone starts to wonder why theres 'Eric-kun' on my hand. Im a bg psycho -.-

Mreeew!! I want fish!! Its tradition to eat fish for breakfast every sundaymorning v.v Lol. Ah. Now I got it. Why does Tony look like that by the way? Hes wrapped hes arms around Marko and is like.... choking him. Lol. Maybe hes dreaming of being a father.... Oh god thats way too horrible idea!! Ten little Tonys!! Noooo!! Poor kids!!
Lol. Marko is afraid now. And once again, hes the one hugging me. Hes escaping from Tony. Duh....

Well, dad needs my help now so Im going again. I see you later.


And heeey I got new pictures! Dunno when Im gonna get 'em up but o well.

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