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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sooooo guys.

Long time no talk.

Im finally dating the girl I've had a crush on since last christmas. Well, we've been dating for almost two months now... But, Im slow. Lala.
No, she's not the girl up there in the pic. I'll show you one later.

Okayeah. Eric, Jeremy, my loves. My Yahoo died and dad refuses to let me download it again, so. You can send me e-mail at SoubiSanaton@hotmail.com

And Eric, you better tell your kidbro to send me some! I miss him. He's so cool.

Anywho anyhow. That's also my msn so incase you guys wanna or can talk... add me.
Ofcourse, I check on MyO by times too so just PM me. Now.

Adios, amigos! Wish me and my lovey luck, we're spending next weekend together. ALONE. Gawd I love her. <3


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