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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Have to post every once in a while...
Yes, well.
We all know I quit, but. I thought I'd still stop by.

Life's been full of... Surprising things lately.
Tanja jumping on my neck and kissing me. Yes, Tanja's a girl.
Then there's Uke. AKA, my girlfriend. My god she's cute, she makes me squeal >w<
And, then there's Tanja and Uke fighting over me. I don't get why, Tanja has a boyfriend. Dude. v_v
And then there's Taku <3 My dear chinese son. I love him so much. Dont ask, he kinda... Adopted himself to me. HE IS SO CUTE!

Well yeah... More recent pic of me up thar. But, yes.
To keep in contact - PM me, add me on msn/yahoo/something. Yup.


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