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Monday, September 4, 2006



so latley i have been in some deprestion cuz of my dad latley. everything i do he still says is the reason i failed. yes i failed skewl. it sucks i know. i cant go on the computer while skewl starts neather. the only way i can go on it is at skewl if i have a class with computers. i hope i do. i really think i do cuz i have 2 classes that say com in it. there..
com dbas/spread
com wor pro/pub
so i have no art classes! i want my art! i need it ahhhhhh....
so yea by the looks of it i have computer databas spread and computer work pro and publisher. i donno if im gonna like it but ill give it a try.i got earth and space tho thanx goodness. i kinda wanted it. so i can get my biology up. ok other then skewl.. uh.. what else... i spent the night at brookes a while ago. it was on the other sunday. i got my hair cut 2 days ago. i have bangs now and i got 3 more inches off my hair. im gonna be hangin out with marina today. i have to wait till my mom gets home.. she wants me to get droven instead. oh and my dads being a ass as of i told u and he wants to go on him motercycle or w.e. so he always tells us to think about ower selfs 1st then he will change his mind and then for somthin else we did wrong then he will be like think about the ones u care about most. its like wtf. he just wants what he wants and thats to get away from us and it dont bother me none. some times i feel like omg im gonna fuckin lock im in a closet and never let him out. when he yell to me yesterday he also said that my friends are the ones making u fail. its like no its u guys.. u have no faith in me and u repeat things over and over and u just never stop. its like dude i heard u the 1st time. u want me to repeat it? u know? its driving me crazy my mom has faith in me but my dad just keeps putting me down. i even prayed last night. i even got yelled at cuz i went to church in the morning wearing jeans and such. he yelled at me like why are u going to church? there not teaching u anything. its like yea ok dad. w.e u say. he thinks hes right all the time. no hes not. he thinks he does alot dude hes like at the at home lazy mom that we dont need. my mom is the only one with a job. when he wants me to help him with stuff ill go help him but normaly its like holding a flashlight. its like yea ok.. im really helping sooo much. would be better if he just gave me the stuff and he holds the flashlight. he says he likes me helping him. but its not really helping. im just sitting and holding a light. i like pulling apart the stuff and fixing them so there better. i fixed ower vacume. i proved it to my dad but its like he still dont trust me. his friend says hes so nice to me to. no hes not he yells at me and makes me feel dumb. my whole family just thinks giving me money and taking me places is the way to keep my happy. no its not. i want a real family. cuz this aint one. where just a soap show that my mom watches. well im gonna go now. just reminding u i wont be on the computers while skewl is here. byes


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