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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm back after a thousand of years of not posting.
Heh, I kind of miss this site.
I'm sick today... And the marking period is almost over, and I have to make up a lot of crap...
Sinus infections suck.
I want to go back to Florida.
Oh yeahh, we went to Disney for 3 full days (but were not in NJ for 5 daysss) for band.
We marched through Magic Kingdom, and we performed concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band and ensemble at the galaxy theatre at TOMORROWLAND.
When we came home, everyone was sick from the drastic change in weather and temperature. It's depressing. Cassie and I did not get sick =)) But now I am. It's too fking cold in Jersey. I HATE IT. Damn you pollution. ;-;
Well I'm going to rest, surf the web, study, and yeah. Be sick. It sucks. And I have a job fair today for my summer job.
The manager said, don't be discouraged if we don't call for a while, but we're deciding and stuff... We will call tho!
Okay. So. Is it that hard to choose? I like, live next to menlo, and have my own car to drive. JUST PICK ME. XP
I guess I'll have to run over to woodbridge and apply there too. And the manager knows my family friends! I SHOULD GET EXTRA CREDIT. XDD
I'll try to post here more often, if people even remember me or comment meh.. =)

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Hello there!
I have not updated this otaku in a very very long time... lol, I have been quite busy, I have a myspace that I go on (not too frequently), and my computer has been slow so I lacked motivation to go and post something. So, I changed everything in this myspace, I changed my info and stuff, and I'm posting now! Theres a lot of stuff I could say here that has haoppened while I was gone, but I wont remember all the stuff... Its overwhelming. Little by little next time I post, I'll put info in. IDK when I'll put a new post in. I've been busy, I'll find time! Anyway, I have to get going. Just want to tell my friends that I'm here, you are not forgotten, and I'm not er.. dead. lol


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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Happy Turkey Day! Yeahh! No school, and FOOD. I'm just sitting here watching the Macy's Day Parade, and it's cool. I love that parade. Anyways, since like last month, I've been having Christmas spirit. Seriously! Last year I had no Christmas spirit at all, I was like "Mm. Yeah. Just another holiday." But this year, I'm like OOH X-MAS YAY SANTA CHRISTMAS TREES PRESENTS MISTLETOEEE!
Yes, mistletoe. I have an amazing boyfriend whom I already got his Christmas presents! I have to get presents for all of my friends! Well I'm gonna go now. I get to hang out with my brother and sister in law today, I am SO happy about that.
Once again, have a great thanksgiving.

--Emily Rose

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

   Hello hello hello!
I am back! Yay! You guys miss me? I can't stay on for long, because I'm going out to get my hair done nicely. I'm going to Cassie's sweet 16! Happy birthday Cassie! BFF!!!
Anyways, I don't have school today, and tomorrow! Yay! But tomorrow I have a football game to go to (marching band). BOO.
Hehe, well I better get going. I just wanted to drop a post to tell you guys that I'm still here! Later!


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Thursday, March 24, 2005

i haven't updated in a long time. oops forgot
Mood: bored
Music: You Know You're Right -- Nirvana
ah yes, anyways. i haven't updated in a while because of my busy life, and i'm sorry. chances of me updating here are withering away slowly o_O.
anyways check out my myspace.
yay! gtg. have a great 4 day weekend!


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Thursday, February 17, 2005

   Happy birthday to BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!!!
Mood: Uber uber uber happyful
Music: I Fought the Law -- Green Day
Pic of the Day: Sorry. Lazy.


Yay! Happy b-day Billie Joe! The big three-three! Haha. Anyways my day was awesome. Can't forget I finally got my blue belt in karate!! Yesterday, Cassie and I were roaming the halls during the 8th grade orientation and telling people how uber cool color guard and band is. I feel bad though. Not a lot of people are gonna be in band next year. I'm definetely going to band next year... All the years in school! Anyways. How's life? I still feel 14, even if I am 15. Awesome how we have a FOUR day weekend. Woo! Anyways I'm gonna go start my Bohr model project... Or sleep. I'm SO EXAUSTED. I also got a cute green iPod and stuff. =D
I'll update more stuff later. I'm SO TIRED...


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Friday, February 11, 2005

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

   Come on people LEAVE COMMENTS!
Mood: HAPPY!
Music: Misery -- Green Day (Cassie's faberite song?)
Pic of the day: I don't have one now ::GASP!!!!!::

Hello! Crazy weekend so far. Went to the mall with Stef (StrangeAngel) Friday, and it was a lot of fun! I was hugged so many times I lost count O_O Wish Cassie came. She came over today too (Insane Hobbit) Yesh lots of fun, we played games and listened to music and SO MUCH MORE. We ought to have a sleep over! LOL Well I'm gonna go, I must get homework done. OH YES I am getting a new CELL tomorrow cause it's gonna be my birthday in 13 DAYS! Get me a balloon!! ^o^ (Feb. 11 = my birthday!!!) Anywayses... See ya! ::yawn!::

--Emm (Billie)

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Friday, January 21, 2005

   Never been so bored in my LIFE.
Mood: BOREDDD!!!
Music: Homecoming -- Green Day
Quote of the Day: "Ahhh, the scent of friendship!"
Talking to: Myself.
Quiz o' the Day: Not now. Next time. ^_^
Green Day Song Lyric of the Day: None now. I don't have much time now.
Pic o' the Day: Once again, I have to rush!
Didja know: I am getting strep!
Ask Emm:
Q:Why don't you take the anime friendshi quiz?
A: Ehhh... Too lazy.

Q:What was your favorite Christmas gift?
A: Hard choice. Mmm... A tie between Billie Joe action figure, and my bass guitar!

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chu--JK. If you could be any person in the entire world, who would you be and why?
A:I would be Billie Joe so people would love me more... Just kidding. I dunno. I wanna be someone better than myself... Someone who is in honors classes and gets better grades now... Someone who makes the correct decisions in life... Yeah... Or Billie Joe. Or Legolas' wife. Heh.

I'm coming down with strep! Eek! During my sludge!? Ouchies! Heh lucky me, I got no homework this weekend. My teachers had mercy! Yesss! I'm really really bored, because Cassie is in guard, I'm sitting here all bored and stuff, with nothing to do. I wonder what Cassie is doing in guard now. Hm. Well I guess I'll get going. I'll go...read... Cause theres nothing here for me to do... Okay byes!

--Emm (Billie)

We also can't forget...

CASSIE'S HAIR IS CUT!!!! O_O!!! SHORTNESS!!! NUEEEEEE!!!! ...It looks quite nice though ^_^

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Music: Blood, Sex, and Booze -- Green Day
Quote of the Day: "Hi, I broke my nose with my rifle" "WHAT!?" "I blame the rifle" "What... the hell...?"
Current Thought: I hope Cassie is feeling better...
Talking to: No one.
Quiz o' the Day: HASH(0x8938c88)
Compassion: Compassion is your prime instinct. You
have a truly beautiful soul, it belongs to
Heaven. It makes you sad to see how life became
so cruel, but you always hope that the best
will happen. Don't stop being yourself, cuz
your friends need you.
Your Evanescence song is >>>> Forgive me

What is your prime instinct?
brought to you by Quizilla
Green Day Song Lyric o' the Day:Misery by Green Day

Virginia was a "lot lizard" from F.L.A.
She had a compound fracture in the "trunk"
It started when she ran away
Thumbs out on the interstate
She hitched a ride to misery

"Mr. Whirly" had a catastrophic incident
He fell into the city by the bay
He liquidated his estate
Now he sleeps upon the Haight
Panhandling misery

He's gonna het high
When he's low
The fire burns from better days
And she screams why oh why
I said "I don't know"
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of Misery

Vinnie was a hustler out in Amsterdam
He ran the drug cartel in "tinseltown"
They found him in a Cadillac
Bludgeoned with a baseball bat in the name
of misery

Ginna hit the road to New York City
Mysteriously the night Vinnie croaked
She stopped in Vegas to elope
With Virginia and the dope
And kissed the bride eternally

And they're gonna het high
When they're low
The fire burns from better days
And she screamed why oh why
I said "I don't know"
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of Misery

Hell hounds on your trail now once again... boy
It's groping on your leg until it sleeps
The emptiness will fill your soul with sorrow
Because it's not what you make it's what you leave

And we're gonna get high
When I'm low
The fire burns from better days
And she screamed why oh why
I said I don't know"
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday
Of Misery
Pic o' the Day: http://greendayauthority.com/images/gd37.jpg
"Remember! There is no "I" in band!"
Didja know: An elephant's heart weighs a thousand pounds... Meep...
Ask Emm: (I can't get to my comment box for some reason... So I'll take your questions on my next post!)


Hello. Nothing new. Getting sick. YAY! I like it when I lose my voice (Sorry I'm weird... I dunno why). Anyways I'm sorry I haven't updated. I have been SO busy. I'm busy right now, I shouldn't be online. I have to finish hw and go to karate. Oh.. and.. HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY TO ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!!!
Well, that's all I can say for now. See ya!


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