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Friday, February 24, 2006

I'll be celebrating my 17th birtday next week! And I'll spending it in Gawad Kalinga, building houses for the poor. No, I'm not running for elections, so don't think that this is a tactic.

Anyway, more news: February 24, 2006. The Philippines was declared A National State of emergency. We were already in school, but after some hasty decisions, we were sent home. Close to Martial Law, but still not quite. I can't believe that I'm living in such a chaotic world--or make that country. And that I'm--all of us Filipino citizens--reliving the infamous events of the 70th decade: Marcos' reign.

It's pretty ironic since yesterday was also the 20th anniversary of the peaceful People Power revolution that paved way to our liberty from Marcos' dictatorship and bloody rule.

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