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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yesterday was so wierd. I had to go to school, right? Well .. I found out that I was suppose to take an online quiz at the last minute .. so I totally bummed out on that. Then during Art, I had like ... a total meltdown. I forgot my sketchbook at home .. but I improvised very nicely by using printer paper during French class. It was a nice save!
Anyways ... today I had a piano workshop, too. I had lots of fun and all .. but I just do not feel motivated to continue playing. I find joy only in listening to others playing better than me. It saddens me a little.
Oh, and today was also the Rondalla Christmas Party. Heh, I had lots of fun .. everyone was there, including Kuya Kenneth! Personally, I think that was the best present ever .. I mean, it's been months since I last saw him! He cut his hair .. it's soo much shorter! xD
Oh .. and I think Kuya Tim bought a game .. again. Sheesh, I swear, he has the whole collection of electronic entertainment! It's so totally wack! X_x;
So .. moving on. I had lots of fun for the first few hours of the party .. but then at the end, I felt depressed once again. It's the same emotion that I often feel when I know that I'm isolated or invisible to everyone else. Hmm ... I pretended to be tired .. though it was kinda true .. and so I wanted to go home. On the way back, I didn't say one word. It scared me.

Perhaps I am going back to my depressed ties of life. Though I certainly doubt it ..

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