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Thursday, December 20, 2007

   No School! xD
Kyaaaaaaa!! ~ x3
Yaay! No school for one week! Unfortunately .. it starts next week .. but oh well! Hehe, I'm going to Nebraska to visit my family with my cousins. I can't wait! I haven't seen my family in two long years!! I just can't wait! Oh .. but also .. tomorrow is the Rondalla Christmas party. Again, I'm looking forward to it. ^^
Everyone'll be there .. heh, I just have to take lots and lots of pictures of everyone! I plan on putting them on my I-Pod and all. xD It'll be lots of fun. Though .. I'm not sure if I can concentrate on my fun when tomorrow's the date of horrible burden on mine. Stupid Jon! Why'd he have ask me out four days before Christmas last year! *sniffles* We went out on December 21st to August 21st. If we had last a few more months .. I would've been able to say,"I've dated my boyfriend for one year .." I can't say that now, now can I? >_<; Oh, well. I know there will be more boys in my future .. Right now, I must focus on my studies because they are slowly slipping because of my procrastination. x3 It's a family trait, procrastination, so everyone does it. Either way .. be it influence or genes .. I'm the spitting image of everyone .. to which I am very proud! ^^
*sigh* Well .. anyways. I hope I can find some enlightenment for Christmas this year .. Because I just want to forget Jonathan right now! Him and his stupid affections! Gosh, I hate him with a passion! DX

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