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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   Testing .. Testing .. Bleck!
Blah, Blah, Blah ..
I had like .. a totally screwed up day! I almost missed the bus. Yeah, my mom had to work like .. suuuuper early today at the hospital ... so I didn't have anyone to wake me up. Hehe, you should've seen me running down my street. I swear, I sprinted like crazy because my bus stop is waaaay down the road. xD Anyways .. PE today was awesome! I didn't have to dress out! It wasn't because I didn't have my uniform with me .. It was because I had pictures for Art Club in the morning and I didn't want to be remembered as "The girl in gym clothes" .. y'know? I'm partly sad, though, because I wasn't able to stretch with my class .. or play volleyball. >__> (Hehe, syke. I played volleyball in street clothes behind the teachers' backs. Woo!) Erm .. French was good. I was somehow dragged into the French Club photos. Technically .. I'm not in the club yet because I have to show up .. So I'm starting next .. er, next next week. ^^ OMG! During lunch, my friends and I got in to the subject of dating. I'm like .. Er.. is this the right time? Heh, they obviously forgot about the fact that I'm very sensitive about that. Especially now. Hmm .. I'll post why on Friday. Seeing how the date fits the fact. X_x
Anyways .. they were talking so much about "The Perfect Guy." and then they whispered something in secrecy. I'm like .. okaay. Leave me out why don't they .. >_<; Bleh! Who cares about that crud! DX
Oh grr.. Nevermind! I must find out! Waah! I just don't know what they were thinking .. O_o; My friends are soo freaky .. hehe, but hey. That's my high school. ^^

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