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Saturday, March 29, 2008

   Race isnt supposed to matter!
Omg its been decades since I've been or written on Otaku. XD
I haven't been up to much latley. Just chilaxing. lol. I've been busy with trying to pass the eleventh grade actually. I would be passing if not for math. -_-'. When the next school year comes around i'll hae to double up on my math classes. Thank god for Novanet, lol. I beleive i can do it though. I'm also going to take the SAT in June, so i'm excited about that. I've figured out the college i want to go too! Its most deffinatly The Art Institute of Charlotte. I just need to apply.

The Art Institute of Charlotte

This is it.

Um...i hate Nazis..And all racist. Okie nm, i dont hate anyone. I just really dislike racist of anykind. like for instance my parents.
They found out about my boyfriend. :(
He is black so they dont accept it. And they tryed to prove that in the bible it says that mixing races is a sin. FUCK! Its not. Thats only if you mix religons. OMG. They were trying to make my bf sound like he is dog shit. He is not! He is the most kind and generous guy ever! And he is the best bf you could ever imagine. He knows how to treat a girl. Anyways i love him and they are not going to seperate us. I am going to do all i can to premit it from happening. ><
Have you ever heared of the manga Cromartie High School? XD Its insane! And i cant wait because this summer I'm going to get my first ever job! I'm goin g to save up for my Aerith cosplay. *Kingdom Hearts Aerith* Simpley because theres not many people who do that Aerith.

Last year i was misa. :)
i think i will go to both Anime South and AWA.
Hm well i have to go. LUv you all! **

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