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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Am I Done?
yes, I think I am

2...no wait maybe three minutes, possibly more of animation and it's finally done.

Except for editing...>_<

Thanks for being so patient guys, I've had a lot to do these past coming months and will have even more to do in the upcoming ones (now it's on to 3D animation and compositing, along with motion graphics and whatever else I may so choose to take next week) I'm not complaining, I just wanted to give you folks a heads up as to why I may not be on here very much.

But as a token of my appreciation, I am open for two weeks only to any requests, even very short animations that you guys have ideas for.

so any drawings, photo edits, short animation and possibly anything else you might have in store P.M. me!

And in these two weeks that I have I will try my hardest to get out something for you, as long as you tell me a detailed description and get to a space before anyone else does, I only have room for two or three projects, depending on how many want something.

So P.M. me for a space, I'll be checking this close to everyday for the next two weeks to see who wants what

So Goodnight for now

and here are the spaces:


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