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Well guess what everyone! I'm back! I have so much to post! I'm so happy to be back and I can't wait to get back together with my old friends!

ALSO!!! I can't find the link to change my icon, and it's really bugging me >_< If anyone can help me I would be forever in debt to them!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Evening!

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Whoo! *looks around* Nevermind. Not worth the "whoo". I don't have anything to "whoo" about, Josh and I are both just sick as can be. Poor Josh has been throwing up all day, and I'm laying in bed with the laptop on my stomach, trying not to throw up as well. I don't know where we got it, and it's terrible that we both have it at the same time. Poor Duzell has been running ragged to take care of us and I feel bad that she is taking off work to make sure we are ok.I'm not feeling as bad as Josh, but I just feel like I could die at any moment.

But enough of my bitching. Oh! I do have something new to share! Remember how I had my SideKick ID? Well, I finally got sick of the damn brick, so I "traded", lol not really, it in and I got a new phone! I got a Blackberry Pearl 8120! In purple!! Yes purple *nods*, and I had to wait an extra two weeks for it to come in to the store! It was crazy, but I'm super glad I got it. I really do love it. Although, for some reason, it likes to freeze up on me some times, so I took it in to the store and I found out that I wasn't turning it off enough.... I just looked at the guy and said "huh... just like that?" and he said "yeah, or it could be because your phone needs and update, which it does not, so yes, you just need to turn your phone off more." I looked at him and said "ok, thanks for the help." and walked out of the store.

Who would have guessed that my phone just needed to be turned off once and a while.

I guess you don't want to hear about my phone anymore so I will be done, and plus Duzie is here with mah soup! ^_^


Alexander and Josh

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