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Thursday, August 24, 2006

sorry for not visiting sites the other day. I had been extremely hooked on books and I have no idea why. O_o I also bought naruto manga 11. my gawd Jaraiya has no shame of being a mega-perv does he -_-''

btw does this link work? it's a layout I made but I dont think the layouts work...
click here
but the layout features hatake kakashi. and it's my 2nd ever layout. wahahahahha

I'll try to visit sites today if my sister can rip the manga i have been reading a lot lately from my hands. O_o

and after today's update I won't be updating as much anymore. Maybe... once every 3 days? O_o

edit: forgive me the78thdude for deleting ur comment! It was a total accident and this computer SUCKS!!!! T_T

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